NWSI have been organising fire and fireworks spectacles for 20 years, with a 100% safety record. They are insured for large-scale fireworks shows and have their own magasine. They will organise and create a display of fireworks for any occasion from a small garden party to a large civic display. They specialise
in using fire and fireworks for representation of nature and smaller scale kinetic effects.
-The waterfall
-The pyrotechnic giraffe the spider webs of fire
-Fire drawings
-Lance work making coloured pictures or writing using small coloured fireworks
-Rockets on strings
-Macletta or special sonic effects
-Giant catherine wheels and wheels within wheels.
-Hand held flares and small pyrotechnic effects for parades
NWSI combine fireworks with their large scale shows and are always ready to consider a special commission
or site specific opportunity



Pyroflowers – a small pyrotechnic show for children

This was a small community collaboration and shows NWSI at home making small scale pyrotechnic magic fo the local community on Nov 5th at the Summerhill Bowling Club. These pyro flowers were very quiet and did not scare the small children.

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GRAND MAGIX is one of the two well documented truly massive shows of NWSI. It is a tour de force of aerial helium suspended performance, aerial puppetry, stilt ensemble drumming, specialist fireworks, giant inflatable puppetry special effects leading to the great musical and emotional cadence of the giant aerial light show moon moth. In essence it is an artistic celebration of nature versus technology 2001 Fiona Ellis in Northern Review event of the month rated Grand Magix, the NWSI finale of the Stockton international Riverside Festival, top equal with Robert Lapage’s Dark Side of the Moon.SCENARIO: SPLIT SITE VERSION At Site 1 Male techno magician, Merlin, appears with an army of drumming Robots and a sequence of pyrotechnic spells waterfalls rocketry, and noise accompanies him to his magical confrontation with Mo

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sleepblue and yellow


Delireality is a large-scale 40 minute street performance scenographic exploration of the imagery of Salvador Dali using pyrotechnics, prosthetics, inflatable sculptures, giant stilts, music and theatre. The scenario is site and scale adaptable. NWSI have performed Delireality at the full scale in Singapore, Poznan, Gdansk, Terrasson, Kortrijk, Greenwich, and Stockton upon tees. smaller versions have been performed in many other locations. SCENARIO: 60 Mins approx A parade of samba playing ants leads to a four-metre high burning replica of the “premonitions of civil war” in paper mache. The ants pass through a curtain of fire, and into the graveyard of Salvador Dali. A surrealist sculpture park graveyard is created in a town square. It is the graveyard of Salvador Dali. This features “pyrotechnic trees”, bu

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