The Butterfly Collection


What could be more festive, miraculous or memorable than the arrival of a giant flock of butterflies?


The Butterflies are close copies of nature and the show encourages city dwellers

to make relationships and learn the names of some of the species of these endangered

denizens of the air. Our collection features The Adonis Blue, The Chalk Blue,

The Swallowtail, the Red admiral,The Marble Veined white, the Purple Emperor,

The Oak blue, and the Green Triangle. The Butterflies spread the philosophy that

no-one has to do things… it is perfectly adequate to simply float about being beautiful

perhaps sipping some nectar. They are fully mobile and, with their prehensile probosci and signal emitting

antennae, gently interact with flora and fauna, civic flower displays, children and adults.

They have traveled the world with performances in China, Rumania, Doha and all over Europe