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The Drumming Robots

The Drumming robots have played in street festivals and parades world wide. Here you can see them rebooted with new onboard lighting for evening performance, a very special performance that is large enough for everyone to see and enjoy. please see android invasions for more images and video of the drumming robots. Read More

Birds luxemburg

Les Oiseaux de Lux

Hold on to your baguettes – here come the birds!!! Les Oiseaux de lux is an invasion of giant wingless birds and their riders. For the last 20 years they have have made friends, performed street interventions and parades, and created amiable mayhem. Wherever in the world there is a zone of under-entertainment the birds respond… No task is too difficult and no journey too long. They have visited 38 countries.

“I was completely blown away by Neighbourhood Watch and the impact they had on the kids, it was as if their world had changed once they saw them, because they
never had conceived that creatures like that could exist.”
- Paul Collard , Director of the Newhaven Festival of Arts and Ideas,
Newhaven Register, 1998 USA

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BRASS 09 - Mute-Antz image four - photo cred - Peter      Skelton

Mute Antz

Here you can see Mute Antz doing a photoshoot. the comedy of this show is perfect for street festivals garden parties. Children adore the mute antz, and the surrealism with a touch of Kafka appeals to the adults.

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The Drumming Ants

The shared consciousness of ants is perfectly suited to a percussion ensemble which has delighted adults and children world wide. Here you can see them in Poznan featured in the opening of Delireality our large-scale pyrotechnic collaboration with Salvador Dali. You can also see them in The Ant Orkezdra. They are perfect for a musical parade situation where you want a very special performance that is large enough for everyone to see and enjoy

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The Ant Orkezdra

Created in 2006 The Ant Orkezdra is a one hour 14 piece stilt musical performance of brass and percussion, and easily adaptable to an existing parade where high visibility enables everyone to see the show. It has been performed in Beijing where it was awarded best performance group.

It is a sensational musical performance for day or night that adds a memorable event to your festival program. It has been well received in Stockton; Kirkcaldy; Durham; Wageningen, Netherlands; the Merced, Barcelona; Sibiu, Rumania; Genk, Belgium and Doha, Qatar. The music mixes unusual interpretations of classics with original compositions in Afrobeat, Hijaz, Salsa, Ska, Reggae, Cuban and New Orleans styles.

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Sid the Spider

Sid has performed in Beijing and in parades and interventions across Europe from Salamanca to Genk. Possibly the largest and most animated free standing spider puppet in the world he creates much hilarity when he gathers families and dives on them. He is as happy in a long parade as in a small zone intervention and can dive under aerial obstructions. Above you can see him in Tarrega in Spain

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blue triangle in largs

The Butterfly Collection

What could be more festive, miraculous or memorable than the arrival of a giant flock of butterflies?
The Butterflies are close copies of nature and the show encourages city dwellers to make relationships and learn the names of some of the species of these endangered denizens of the air. Our collection features The Adonis Blue, The Chalk Blue, The Swallowtail, the Red admiral,The Marble Veined white, the Purple Emperor, The Oak blue, and the Green Triangle. The Butterflies spread the philosophy that no-one has to do things… it is perfectly adequate to simply float about being beautiful perhaps sipping some nectar. They are fully mobile and, with their prehensile probosci and signal emitting antennae, gently interact with flora and fauna, civic flower displays, children and adults. They have t0

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Android Invasions

Android Invasions This video shows all our robotic characters in action
including possibly the largest Robot in the world
who can can make an exciting intervention by himself.
So can The Drumming Robots
Here you can see them both in action together and separate.
These characters can perform long parades in addition to festive interventions. Please see the Drumming Robots for new images of the robots at night.

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The Caterpillar

This very hungry Caterpillar eats people. But they seem to like being eaten! Possibly the largest walkabout puppet in the world – the size of two buses yet very light on its feet-
this creature has performed in Taiwan and China and in many places in Europe. Some of the video
was unfortunately made on an iPhone held the wrong way…ooops! But it is nice to see the Caterpillar out for a walk with its many friends in Chelmsford. So we kept that footage. Review after the Nice Carnival Nice Matin 18th février 2002 Place Masséna hier après midi c’est le chenille qui redémarre Un mille pattes extraordinaire par sa longueur, ses couleurs et surtout par son originalité
letter re st patricks parade london “Thank you so much for your help in making the 2006 London St. Patrick’s Day Para

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