The Caterpillar

This very hungry Caterpillar eats people.
But they seem to like being eaten!


Possibly the largest walkabout puppet in the world

- the size of two buses yet very light on its feet-

this creature has performed in Taiwan and China

and in many places in Europe. Some of the video

was unfortunately made on an iPhone held the wrong

way…ooops! But it is nice to see the Caterpillar out

for a walk with its many friends in Chelmsford. So we

kept that footage.

The caterpillar enjoys the lack of barriers in an intervention
but can also be very interactive in a city parade with barriers
here is is a video link of the Caterpillar in the london
st patricks parade 2014

Here is a less confined intervention in a busy 14century historic city in Rumania Sibiu festival 2014

Review after the Nice Carnival Nice Matin 18th février 2002
Place Masséna hier après midi c’est le chenille qui redémarre Un mille pattes
extraordinaire par sa longueur, ses couleurs et surtout par son originalité

letter re st patricks parade london
“Thank you so much for your help in making the 2006 London St. Patrick’s Day Parade
such a great event – it was a wonderful success and I appreciate the time and effort
you put into making it so! The caterpillar was a key centre point
in the parade, wowing all the spectators and getting many comments!
Look forward to working together again”.
- Basra Events